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Last updated: 11-Feb-2022
ROM File: Fatal Labyrinth (JU) [!].smd

God this game sucked but for some reason I got addicted to it. Here are a couple of savestate edits to make getting to the end a little easier.

- ROM (128KB)
Key: Game Dynamics Data Block Graphics General Routine Error Handling ROM Header Empty Space
+/- Offset Length (hex) Opcode / Hexcode Instruction / ASCII Description
Standard rom header with the following details:
- RAM (64KB)
Key: Game Dynamics General Routine Unused
RAM Offset Length (hex) Original Value Useful Values Description
940E-940F 2 Varies 0000-FFFF Changes maximum health (HP)
9410-9411 2 Varies 0000-FFFF Changes current health (HP)
9412 1 Varies 00-FF Changes displayed level (as in floor)
9413 1 Varies 00-1E Changes perceived level (See note 1)
9414 1 Varies 00-10 Changes rank
9416 1 Varies 00-FF Changes Armour (AR)
9418 1 Varies 00-FF Changes Power (PW)
941C 1 Varies 00-FF Changes amount of food (F)
9424-9425 2 Varies 0000-FFFF Changes amount of gold (G)
9440-945B 1C Varies Varies Weapon Inventory (See note 2)
9460-947B 1C Varies Varies Shield Inventory (See note 2)
9480-949B 1C Varies Varies Helm Inventory (See note 2)
94A0-94BB 1C Varies Varies Armour Inventory (See note 2)
94C0-94DB 1C Varies Varies Cane Inventory (See note 2)
94E0-94FB 1C Varies Varies Potion Inventory (See note 2)
9500-951B 1C Varies Varies Scroll Inventory (See note 2)
9520-953B 1C Varies Varies Ring Inventory (See note 2)
9540-955B 1C Varies Varies Bow Inventory (See note 2)

Note 1:

0-30 (decimal), makes enemies the strength they would be if you were on the given level. There are actually 31 floors in the tower but the last one, 31, is the roof where you fight the boss and setting the offset to this number screws with the game. If you want to go straight to 31 then find the stairs on the floor you are on, create a save, set this offset to 1E then load back in and go up the stairs to reach the boss!

Note 2:

4 bytes per item, byte 1 and 2 are type (it looks like they should match), 3 is strength and 4 not sure probably armour.