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Current State: Active
Last updated: 11-Feb-2022
ROM File: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Beta).bin

This is a great Tetris style puzzle game that kept me entertained for many hours in my childhood. I had it as part of the Sonic Compilation cart with 2 other Sonic games (I forget which) and it was only recently that I found out it was actually a re-skinning of the Japanese game Puyo-Puyo. Did sticking Sonic's face on things really make them sell better? Well apparently not by much because none of my friends liked this game but I still thought it was ace.

I was planning on making a full screen, single player version of this game but I still haven't made any progress in doing so. I blame this on the fact that I've had so many other things I want to work on just now I simply haven't been trying recently! I still want to but until I do here are some codes to keep you going.

- ROM (1MB)
Key: Game Dynamics Data Block Graphics General Routine Error Handling ROM Header Empty Space
+/- Offset Length (hex) Opcode / Hexcode Instruction / ASCII Description
00FF 8000 0000 ...
Standard rom header with the following details:
					Initial stack pointer value: 00FF FC00
					Entry Point: 0000 0200
					ROM Details: SEGA GENESIS (C)SEGA 1993.SEP Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine GM ??-???? -00
Changes starting level from 1-13 when set to 03-0F
5368 0028
If set to 4E71 4E71 instead of 5368 0028 it stops the continue countdown timer
- RAM (64KB)
Key: Game Dynamics General Routine Unused
RAM Offset Length (hex) Original Value Useful Values Description
1D7A-1EBE 144 Varies Varies The beans in the game area.
(See note 1)

Note 1:

8282 - Red 9292 - Yellow B2B2 - Green C2C2 - Purple D2D2 - Blue EDED - Colourless

Each bean uses 2 bytes meaning 12 bytes per row. The data starts from the top left hand corner and goes right to left, top to bottom. Putting a bean on the top row will result in a gameover. You can get the same beans by entering in values different from above and, although I haven't tested all possible values, I know some give weird effects (to be expected really!). You should also note that they don't render immediately, most will render once you drop another set of beans down although the colourless ones sometimes take longer.