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My Brill Game Site is dedicated to storing interesting information related to computers, gaming and hacking ROMS, savestates and save files.

It was last updated on 20/05/2019.

What's been happening?

That is all the issues that came out of the recent PHP and Joomla! updates resolved and I'm happy to say the site is cleaner than ever! I took this outage as an opportunity to perform some spring cleaning and removed a lot of files and folders that were cluttering up the server since the pre-Joomla days. I also managed to successfully delete and recreate the site (several times) from scratch so now I know I have a resilient backup plan. And finally I worked out how the whole Search Enginge Friendly URL thing works so expect some prettier URLs in the not too distant future.

In other site news, the Unity sub-section of the Videos section has been retired. I loved Unity when I first discovered it and had high hopes for all the games I'd develop in it. But as time went on I found myself drawn more and more to the existing games of yester-year, I'd rather be ROM hacking than coding up something new. So as a result the one project that was in there has moved into the Projects section and the category 'Unity' is no more.

Don't worry though, because the outage has renewed my passion for the site and to celebrate I'll soon be pushing out some big updates on the exciting project I've been working on that I keep annoyingly alluding to.

You have no real reason to believe me but further updates soon, promise!!!


20/05/2019 - Link to full source code added to Toejam and Earl Disassembly page.
11/04/2019 - Bit more tidying and an update on the Toejam and Earl Disassembly page.
19/03/2019 - Huge clean up on the site, removing lots of clutter on the server that you couldn't see.
  - Fixed all the broken links caused by the recent updates.
  - Removed the Unity section from Videos. The 1 project that lived there is now available in Projects.
- Updated the embedded YouTube videos to use the latest style of embedding (i.e. not Flash based).
13/02/2019 - Updated the PHP and Joomla! versions the site is using.
16/07/2018 - Re-wrote the Toejam and Earl Disassembly page in light of recent work.
09/02/2016 - More data added to the Toejam and Earl Disassembly.
  - Slight formatting adjustments to the ROM and RAM tables.
  - ROM 5.32% disassembled - RAM 1.00% disassembled.
26/01/2016 - Added the ROM and RAM Memory Map Visualisation to the Toejam and Earl Disassembly page. Click the % deciphered links on the page to see them.
01/01/2016 - More data added to the Toejam and Earl Disassembly and further adjustments to the page layout including revising the Savestate section to be the RAM section.
  - ROM 4.62% disassembled - RAM 1.00% disassembled.
27/12/2015 - Large revamp to the Toejam and Earl hacking page in preparation for working on create a complete ROM Map of it.
09/11/2015 - Tidied up the Birdhouse Internet Camera project and moved it into the abandoned section.
08/11/2015 - Added more information for Magic the Gathering: Shandalar.
07/11/2015 - Added a new, completed project. Pi TV.
28/10/2015 - Updated the lists and the spreadsheet on the 1001 Video Games project to make them match the actual order of the book and moved the project back into 'Completed'.
20/10/2015 - Minor tweaks to a few project pages. Moved the 1001 Video Games project back into 'Ongoing'.
22/09/2015 - Changed the background to use a CSS based background image. It's now centered properly which you'll notice on massive monitors! Not the most exciting update for you but I was quite excited to finally get this sorted.
14/09/2015 - Updated the 1001 Video Games List to contain both editions of the list.
13/09/2015 - Added more parts to the Simple Game in Unity Companion series.
29/07/2015 - Finished migrating all the content from the blog and officially removed the link from the menu.
  - RIP C,Z and G.
29/07/2015 - Added the details of the Arduino Master System Player project.
12/07/2015 - Added the details of the Java Games on Facebook project.
04/07/2015 - Added the details of the Inside Megadrive Carts project.
26/06/2015 - Added the details of the Arduino ROM Dumper project.
24/06/2015 - Added the details of the Birdhouse Internet Camera project.
21/06/2015 - Adjusted the layout of the Projects section to match the rest of the site.
16/06/2015 - Some more adjustments to the layout of the Rom Hacking and Let's Play sections.
13/06/2015 - Added the brand new Unity category to the videos section along with its first article.
  - Renamed the 'Tutorials' section to 'Rom Hacking' in the videos section.
06/05/2015 - Added a new, completed project. 1001 Video Games.
20/03/2015 - Added ability to view the background image by hiding the main contents, just click the new MBGS logo in the top left corner of the site.
16/03/2015 - Added 4 new background images: Aladdin, Dune, Robocop Vs Terminator and Shining Force 2.
  - Credits added to the links section.
05/03/2015 - Updated to the latest version of Joomla, PHP and Disqus. Site maintenance, yawn.
06/02/2015 - Replaced all the video images with actual images from the videos.
  - Added The Cutting Room Floor to the links section.
18/01/2015 - Added more hidden pages to The Big Hide.
10/12/2014 - Added a new, ongoing project. The Big Hide
24/03/2014 - Reformatted the projects section.
  - Added a new, ongoing project. Birdhouse Internet Camera
15/08/2013 - Added the first few details of the zombie game I am working on in the projects section.
01/05/2013 - Added some more projects that I want to work on but can't find the time to.
19/01/2013 - Added a new, completed project. Minecraft Wallpaper RSS.
  - Added a new Jungle Strike background courtesy of Will Mallia.
  - Added a new Ecco background courtesy of Marianne .
10/01/2013 - Added Disqus comments. You can now let me know what you think and ask questions easily!
09/01/2013 - Rearranged the video section to make it better fit having comments added
31/12/2012 - Continued porting / moving / upgrading the site to Joomla! Almost done replicating the old site!
  - Finished moving to Joomla!
  - Small update on the state of the Constructor Fence Fixer project.
30/12/2012 - Continued porting / moving / upgrading the site to Joomla!
29/12/2012 - Started porting / moving / upgrading the site to Joomla!
01/08/2012 - Added a settings file for default directories to the Shandalar Deck Injector and a menu to support it.
07/05/2012 - Added some features and fixed some bugs in the Shandalar Deck Injector.
09/12/2011 - Added a new Toejam and Earl background courtesy of DarkFox.
  - Added random background rendering to the site so each time you visit you'll get a random background!
  - Added a contributers section to the links page and added InsaneSonikkuFan to it who contributed the Sonic that has been there since the layout change, sorry it took so long!
05/12/2011 - Added the Constructor Fence Fixer project.
03/12/2011 - Added information to the T.E.S.S.E project.
  - Added ROM file names to game pages so it is easier to get the same version as the data is for.
  - Added to the links section.
  - Changed some more images to PNG.
  - Done a little bit of house keeping here and there.
30/11/2011 - Added information to the Shandalar Deck Injector project.
  - Renamed the 'Play Through' section to the 'Let's Play' section so it is more in keeping with the standard.
  - Started changing images to PNG format rather than BMP.
22/11/2011 - Added a Tutorial on making changes to a game, the first tutorial where we actual do some hacking!
27/07/2011 - Added information for Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine savestate hacking.
25/07/2011 - Added more information for Fatal Labyrinth savestate hacking.
20/07/2011 - Updated site to new layout, isn't it awesome!
17/07/2011 - Added new version of the the Shandalar Deck Injector.
  - Added more information for Magic the Gathering: Shandalar.
24/03/2011 - Added the source code to the Shandalar Deck Injector.
21/01/2011 - Sorted the html code on the videos pages so that the videos now display in Firefox.
23/11/2010 - Added information for Lemmings.
14/11/2010 - Uploaded the newest version of the Shandalar Deck Injector.
  - Added a Tutorial on binary and hexadecimal numbers.
  - Added a screenshot to the Shandalar Deck Injector.
16/10/2010 - The site's not dead and neither am I!
  - Changed the layout of the navigation menu a little.
07/04/2010 - Added Deck Injector for Magic the Gathering: Shandalar.
02/04/2010 - Made the website into php instead of html, welcome to the future!
08/03/2010 - Added information for Magic the Gathering: Shandalar.
  - Added Let's Play of Hunt for Bowser.
  - Started changing Playstation 2 section to "Other" section.
03/01/2010 - Added more information for Theme Park.
02/01/2010 - Added information for Theme Park.
07/10/2009 - Added Let's Play of Super Mario World Continues.
21/06/2009 - Added information to Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
  - Added a Tutorial on decimal numbers.
20/06/2009 - Added information to Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
25/04/2009 - Length column added to all offset tables.
  - Note added to Toejam and Earl.
29/03/2009 - Video section made XHTML Strict compliant.(Thanks to Drew McLellan's article.)
  - Notes section layout changed.
  - Tutorials and Play Through section given their own images.
28/03/2009 - Update section added.
17/02/2009 - The site moves to its own domain and given less of an 'Angelfire look and feel'. Video section is added
05/01/2008 - The site was founded, originally on Angelfire.