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Date Added: 28-Oct-2015

The second of my ROM hacking tutorials. This time we look at binary and hexadecimal numbers and link it back to the decimal tutorial.

I don't mention how to convert hex to decimal because it is rather convoluted and most the time you'll use an app to do it (such as the Windows Calculator), however, for those that are interested here is the explanation: Just like decimal you multiple the value of each position by the number at that position and then add them all together. So to convert D6 hex to decimal you do D x 16 plus 6 x 1 = (13 x 16) + (6 x 1) = 208 + 6 = 214.

You may not think this is too bad but what if you have a 16 bit number like E3D6 or 32 bit number like 1F93E3D6? I'd just stick to using the convertor in Windows Calculator!

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