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Date Added: 28-Oct-2015

A Super Mario World hack by grishnax

This hack is only 5 levels long (the name gives it away) but they are 5 well designed and fun to play levels. No changes to Yoshi's house except the name and the info box message but the overworld has been completely revamped and looks good. There are no graphical glitches (ok one minor one with the right wing of the flying block disappearing) which is good because Lunar Magic can often cause them if not used properly. This clip was my first attempt at making a ROM hack Let's Play video and shows levels 1 to 3 plus Yoshie's house.

The second part shows the rest of level 3 to the end of the hack. The hack continues to be fun and very playable with no broken graphics. The end castle is particularly nice with some well designed tricky parts. I think my favourite part of this whole hack is the placement of the Dragon Coins, they are hard enough to add extra challenge to the game in trying to get them all but not so hard that you decide just to skip trying.

- Video

Part 1

Part 2

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