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Current State: Active
Last updated: 11-Feb-2022
ROM File: Mega Bomberman (JUE) [!].bin

I loved this game when I was little and still do! Although the one player levels get a little boring after several play throughs so I may look into making a level editor for this at some point.

- ROM (1MB)
Key: Game Dynamics Data Block Graphics General Routine Error Handling ROM Header Empty Space
+/- Offset Length (hex) Opcode / Hexcode Instruction / ASCII Description
Standard rom header with the following details:
- RAM (64KB)
Key: Game Dynamics General Routine Unused
RAM Offset Length (hex) Original Value Useful Values Description
A427-A42A 3 Varies 000000-FFFFFF Changes the value of the timer
A442 1 Varies 00-FF Changes special abilities through bit flags. (See note 1)
A443 1 Varies 00-FF Amount of hits it takes to kill P1
A45E 1 Varies 00-08 P1 character in Battle Mode
A460 1 Varies 00-FF P1 explosion size
A462 1 Varies 00-FF P1 amount of bombs

Note 1:

01 = Speed Up 1 10 = Kicker
02 = Speed Up 2 20 = Walk Through Bombs
04 = Detonator 40 = Walk Through Walls
08 = Lay All 80 = Invincibility

To have more than one simply add them together and enter that value (eg. 04+08+20=2C).