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Magic the Gathering: Shandalar

This is a pretty decent edition of Magic and a damn sight cheaper than playing the actual card game. Here are a couple of hacks that will make walking the plains a little easier.

The file you are looking to edit is the .SAV file where "MAGIC4.SVE" is the first save listed in game.

Offset Length Value Range Effect
21D0C-21D0F 4 00000000-FFFFFFFF Changes amount of black amulets
21D10-21D13 4 00000000-FFFFFFFF Changes amount of blue amulets
21D14-21D17 4 00000000-FFFFFFFF Changes amount of green amulets
21D18-21D1B 4 00000000-FFFFFFFF Changes amount of red amulets
21D1C-21D1F 4 00000000-FFFFFFFF Changes amount of white amulets
21D20-21D23 4 00000000-FFFFFFFF Changes amount of gold
21D24-21D27 4 00000000-FFFFFFFF Changes amount of food
22110-22111 2 0000-FF0F Changes World Magics marked as obtained
(See note 1)
22112-22121 16 Varies Data for Sleight of Hand
(See note 2)
22122-22132 16 Varies Data for Haggler's Coin
(See note 2)
22132-22141 16 Varies Data for Conjurer's Will
(See note 2)
22142-22151 16 Varies Data for Amulate of Swampwalk
(See note 2)
22152-22161 16 Varies Data for Leap of Fate
(See note 2)
22162-22171 16 Varies Data for Tome of Enlightenment
(See note 2)
22172-22181 16 Varies Data for Quickening
(See note 2)
22182-22191 16 Varies Data for Fruit of Sustenance
(See note 2)
22192-221A1 16 Varies Data for Staff of Thunder
(See note 2)
221A2-221B1 16 Varies Data for Dwarven Pick
(See note 2)
221B2-221C1 16 Varies Data for Sword of Resistance
(See note 2)
221C2-221D1 16 Varies Data for Ring of the Guardian
(See note 2)


Note 1:

The World Magics Obtained Flags:

01 00 = Sleight of Hand 10 00 = Leap of Fate 00 01 = Staff of Thunder
02 00 = Haggler's Coin 20 00 = Tome of Enlightenment 00 02 = Dwarven Pick
04 00 = Conjurer's Will 40 00 = Quickening 00 04 = Sword of Resistance
08 00 = Amulate of Swampwalk 80 00 = Fruit of Sustenance 00 08 = Ring of the Guardian

To have more than one simply add them together and enter that value (eg. 04 00 + 08 00 + 00 02 = 0C 02). The total is FF 0F if you want them all! Some magics won't have their effect take effect unless their city data is set to 00, see note 2 for more information.

Note 2:

4 sets of 4 bytes (i.e. 4 ints) of additional data about the World Magic: int 1: unknown, int 2: unknown, int 3: City, int 4: unknown.
The value in 'City' indicates what city the World Magic can be purcashed from. To ensure your World Magic works set the 'City' value to 00000000 as well as setting the appropriate value in the 'World Magics Obtained Flag' for the World Magic you are editing.
Shandalar Deck Injector Shandalar Deck Injector created by me in Java. Lets you use decks created in the Duel deck editor in Shandalar.
Updated on 17/07/2011 with added functions. You can now add your deck into a specific location and extra decks as well. There is also a new pane for all the hero attributes.
This is the 3rd alpha release and probably has a host of new bugs. You can report them, suggest new features or find help at my topic on the forum.
Screenshot of Shandalar Deck Injector