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Zombie Game

Here is the zombie game I am currently working on, drawing inspiration from Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and Diablo. I hope to make something that is immersive and enjoyable and long lasting.

Current State (Last updated - 15 Aug 2013)

In progress


I started working on this several years back as a little bit of fun and that's what it continues to be. Work did stop on it for a year or so once I got to the point the main building blocks of the game were made. The animation was working, the logic for health, score, weapons, enemies, walls, collisions, pretty much everything was in but like so many projects once I got the hard bits out the way I got fed up with it. Here I am again though adding all the extra details needed to hopefully make the game great.

Currently there isn't a playable version of the game available. Since it is written in Java I should be able to make a version that is playable straight in your browser but for now it is just a normal desktop app. In the mean time check out the videos in the screenshots section to see the game in action.


The introductory video to the project. Made to explain the inspiration behind it, the concepts for it and what I've done so far. This was made in November 2011.

Want To Know More?

If you want to know more about this project then comment below or you can email me using the details on the contact page.


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