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This section is all about the current projects that I'm working on or have worked on. There is a little summary of the project on this page and then more details after the jump.

Constructor Fence Fixer - A small program to fix the glitch in Constructor saves that stops fences being rebuilt.

Shandalar Deck Injector - A deck injector and trainner for Magic the Gathering: Shandalar.

T.E.S.S.E - A savestate editor for Toejam and Earl on the Sega Mesgadrive.

And here are my dreams for the future! So many projects, so little time...

Backlit Keyboard - A keyboard with a little button / switch that turns on and off some LEDs inside the keyboard, lighting up the keys.

Sound Based Paintball Shooter - A system that fires a paintball when a certain sound is heard or when the volume goes over a certain level.

Hacker's Internet TV - A TV connected to a Raspberry Pi or similar that can be used for browsing the web, playing films, monitoring CCTV and similar.

Birdhouse Internet Camera - A camera inside a birdhouse that can be viewed from the web.

Weight Separator - A system that separates a pile of objects into multiple piles of equal weight.