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The Big Hide

Sick fed up of trailing through post upon post of utter garbage on Facebook I have taken it upon myself to rid my newsfeed of un-interesting, click-baiting, like-whoring posts.

I know this technically isn't game related but given the prevalence of Facebook in everything these days I thought it may be of interest none the less.

Current State (Last updated - 18 Jan 2015)

This project is on-going.

Current spam levels: Critical

Here is the list of pages I have blocked so far:

Here is the list of apps I have blocked so far:


I'm using Facebook more and more these days for keeping in touch with friends and family but the amount of spammy posts on it has reached ridiculous levels. I don't mean paid advertising which appears in your feed (which is a necessary evil to keep Facebook free) but rather the 'Share to win' pictures, the 'This is hilarious' videos and the 'Number 6 is amazing' lists that people insist on liking and sharing.

My goal is to block all of these pages so all I see in my feed is the actual content my friends and family makes, i.e. statuses they post or photos they upload.


Typical Facebook Spam 1 Typical Facebook Spam 2 Typical Facebook Spam 3
Typical Facebook Spam 4

Want To Know More?

If you want to know more about this project you can email me using the details in the contact page.


None yet.